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If you already own YASARA, email us your YASARA serial number. Commercial users need to send their WHAT IF license number too. Tablet prices start at 175 EUR, two videos and all the details are available here. Stereoscopic 3D molecular modeling hardware has become easily affordable, so that entire classrooms can enjoy this unique experience. The first popular screens with this feature were the Zalman ZM-M215W, ZM-M220W and ZM-M240W, costing around 200 EUR.

Unfortunately it appears that Zalman discontinued this product line, so they are now mostly available as refurbished second hand models. But there are many follow up products, googling for passive stereo odd even finds e. You can move your molecules through 3D space using the Connexion 3D SpaceNavigator with six degrees of freedom. Order now for 50 EUR. The polarized glasses ensure that the left eye sees only the odd pixel lines, while the right eye sees the even lines.

This is hardly noticeable when looking at molecules, but becomes apparent when looking at characters. Text is therefore harder to read than with alternative, more expensive stereo solutions. Without glasses, the screen behaves just like any other screen and can be used for everyday work. At least YASARA Model is required. If you want to demonstrate 3D modeling on a large screen, we recommend passive 3DTVs like the LG 42LB620V shown on the right. With a diagonal of 42" 107 cmtwo polarized 3D glasses and a price of 380 EUR, this 3DTV is an excellent deal that will please your audience.

Passive 3DTVs use exactly the same principle as described above for passive 3D computer screens, so they will work with any operating system and any graphics card, with YASARA running in window or fullscreen mode. Higher resolutions would of course be even better, but will only be supported by YASARA later this year and also require an advanced GPU with HDMI 2. It is essential that the 3DTV supports a display mode where the input signal is shown directly on screen, without scaling overscan and other post-processing which would destroy the stereo effect.

Finally, it is noteworthy that passive stereo screens have a certain viewing volume. On the LG 42LB620V, your head should be located about 2 meters away, aligned with the bottom of the screen i. Inside the viewing volume, the 3D effect is crystal clear, but outside, there can be considerable ghosting. High resolution 3D stereo with active shutter glasses is the next higher level, since it does not suffer from the reduced resolution of the passive screens above.

The shutter glasses are included in the 350 EUR package. Other suppliers of 3D glasses are eDimensional and RealD. Notes: Your graphics card must have a dual-link DVI connector and support quad buffered OpenGL stereo, a feature which is normally only available in workstation products like nVIDIA Quadro and AMD FireGL.

You do not need the very expensive high-end Quadros with mini-DIN stereo connector, since the shutter glasses are supplied with the screen and plug into the screen with a cable, neither emitter nor batteries are required. Only one pair of glasses can be connected, so this system is for one person only.

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