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Мануал canon fax l250

The printout has vertical white Toner may be low or be streaks? One-Touch Speed Dialling Storing Numbers for One-Touch Speed Dialling Your FAX-L250 can store up to 16 of your most frequently dialled numbers under one-touch speed dialling buttons. Delayed Sending Your FAX-L250 allows you to scan a document into its memory and send it automatically at a preset time. Do You Have Everything? If the paper jam occurred while a fax was being received into the FAX-L250 memory, that fax will print automatically when the jam is cleared. To relocate this equipment please. The FAX-L250 may have overheated and shut itself down. Before loading paper, stack it so that the leading edge and sides of the paper are even. DIALLING The document is erased from memory after it is successfully sent. We are sure that your FAX-L250 will help meet your fax and phone requirements easily and conveniently, as well as your copying needs. If MEMORY FULL appears in the display while you are making multiple copies of a document, you will not be able to use the multiple copy feature for copying the document. Contact your Canon supplier for more information. For instructions, see Chapter 8 Making Copies. If you send a fax using speed dialling, the top line also includes the name registered under the speed dialling button or code you entered. Carefully remove all items from the box. Normally the FAX-L250 does not print a reception report RX Report unless you set it to do so. General Problems Problem Cause The FAX-L250 has no power? Registering Speed Dialling with the M Button When registering numbers for one-touch or coded speed dialling, you can also register your access code and ID code. Move the paper release lever back to its original position towards the front. Remove the jammed page by pulling it in either direction.

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To print the manual completely, please, it. ¶ Do not spray aerosol polishes on your handset as they may enter the holes on your handset and cause damage. Press the pick up the handset, the unit continues to ring until the other party hangs up. To make copies, do the following: Be sure to adjust the document feed lever before loading your document. Receiving Faxes Automatically: FAX ONLY MODE... ¶ Do not remove the cartridge from the FAX-L250 unless necessary. If the paper has jammed near the face-up delivery slot Hold the front cover and gently pull the sheet through the exit slot. Drivers; Software Canon iD. STOP button Press this button to cancel sending, receiving, or any other operation. ¶ Do not open the drum protective shutter on the cartridge. See Chapter 12, The Menu System for more details on changing the setting. You should have someone help by holding the box while you lift the FAX-L250 and its protective packaging out of the carton.

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See Chapter 12, The Menu System for more details on changing the setting.
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¶ Make sure your text or graphics fall within the printable area.
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Your FAX-L250 is factory-set to use A4-size paper.
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Memory sending allows you to send a document easily and quickly.

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